The three golden tips to help you plan your trip

The three golden tips to help you plan your trip

Travel planning can be the least exciting part about travelling. But having a plan never went to waste, and in most instances, a travel plan will be your best friend. Here in this article, you will find important tips for the next time you travel.

The Important Decisions

Decide on the destination unless you’re looking to backpack through a particular place. Even backpacking requires you to decide on a start point, and it is good to have an end point in mind as well. Thereby giving you the freedom to backpack from point A to point B through whatever place in between. But if you’re going for just a weekend getaway or a vacation then decide on a location and see if all your mates also want to go to the same location.

Secondly, decide on the means of transport. This is very important because in case you want to go by flight or train, then bookings need to be sorted out at least a week before. But if you’re going to use someone’s car then calculate the cost of fuel and decide how the split is going to be.

The third important decision is to decide where you will be staying once you reach your destination. Are you going to camp outside or crash at a friend’s place or do you need to book a resort or a motel room? Make sure to have a communication group on WhatsApp or other social media to make these important decisions as a group.

The Attractions

Dig deeper and understand the heart of the location that you’ve chosen. Explore places that the locals love and not just places that are branded really well. Visit places and restaurants that capture the essence of the city. Try out your hand at all the glitz and glamour that city or location has to offer. What we are trying to say is; for example you have planned a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, but the entire time you’re there, you don’t visit one casino. So read blogs by famous travellers and other blogs on what the location that you’re visiting has to offer. Make the most out of your trip and don’t just ‘Netflix and Chill’, because you can do that at home itself.

Smart and not a lot

Pack smart and light; not so much that you end up carrying two luggage bags for a weekend trip. Be light when you pack, just what you think would be enough to relax. If you’re specifically going to a location that requires you to have a lot of options, then go for variety, but even then the benefits of staying light cannot be overstated. Most people come back from vacations having just used a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts while they might have packed a lot more. A light bag can be a great asset when you are getting back, and you don’t have to experience the pain of tugging a giant bag across while you walk after two tiresome but extremely fun days at a surreal location.

The best things to do in Baja Califronia

The best things to do in Baja Califronia

For west coast residents, Baja California is the best coastal destination on offer. It is peaceful, calm and beautiful with its rich natural coastline. More often than not there are only two places that are often visited in Baja California, and that is Cabo and Ensenada. But there is more to the coastal destination than just those two places. Read this article to get an in-depth understanding of the exquisite holiday destination.

Wine valleys

Millennials these days are starting to take solace in their 1970s counterparts and going down the route of classic holiday destinations. American millennials love their wine and enjoy tours of the vineyard. Well for those living on the west coast. Baja California’s very own vineyard destination can be the perfect getaway. Valle De Guadalupe is the perfect destination for wine lovers and for those who like infinity pools. The best part about the place is that it is extremely affordable to stay in Valle De Guadalupe; most eco resorts only cost about $300 per night.

Valle De Guadalupe is starting to become a serious rival for similar destinations in the United States such as Napa and Sonoma. But the major reason for people flocking to the location in Baja California is the pricing that the place offers. A great bottle of wine can be acquired for as little as $10; the wine valley located in Valle De Guadalupe produces 95% of the wine in Mexico. Making it the ideal destination for wine enthusiasts, who are looking for a new experience when it comes to wine tours and vineyard explorations.


When it comes to recreational sports, beach based sports take the icing on the cake. Baja California offers one of the best kayaking experiences outside of the United States at Bahia De Los Angeles. It is a place for all level of kayakers; with surfing and kayaking schools available for beginners to advanced kayaking experiences for the pros.

Whale Watching

If you at any point experienced bird watching and felt how amazing the whole experience is then you have got to try whale watching in Ojo De Liebre Lagoon. Whale watching is one of the most unique experiences that Baja California offers. The location is a whale breeding zone and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Since it is a World Heritage site, swimming is not allowed, but whale watching under the guidance of experts is still an attractive proposition.